Phillip Wolff is a gentle soul but clueless, maybe even more clueless after his wife Angeline died. Little Rene was only 5. Angeline was the practical one, but Phillip was the dreamer. Phillip doesn't seem to operate in the here and now. May he never know all the things that we, as the two musketeers, did during those long summers at his vineyard in Neuille. If you love nature, I mean a lot of nature in long, long endlessly boring rows, and love the interminable heat, and love to be the only human for miles around, we have a recommendation for you. Having been prisoners of that household every Summer during our most tender years, we can draw detailed maps of Phillip's vineyard and house including all the get away routes. Hitchhiking is a lot safer in France than in America. Phillip still believes that Rene was a virgin on her wedding day.

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