Patient Name: Darius Booth

Year of Birth: April 2, 1969

Occupation: Accounts Payable Clerk, SII

Original Complaint (physical): None

Original Complaint (psychological): Unspecified dissatisfaction with work.

Brief Summary: Mr. Darius Booth is clerk at SII trying to become a stand-up comedian. Darius had been pursuing his chosen vocation in Australia and now wants to bring his act to San Francisco. Darius' main problem is that he isn't funny, and he's unwilling to destroy the artistic integrity of his act merely to make it palatable to audiences. Unfortunately, Darius isn't good at dealing with the rejection which he faces every time he performs. Total number of sessions: 4.

Brief Impression: Darius is a driven and intense young man, who's trying to break into stand-up comedy with a routine that isn't funny and which he isn't willing to change. He seems likely to obsess over trifles.

Tentative Diagnosis: Delusional disorder with persecutory features

Current Medications: None.

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