Patient Name: Hal LNU aka The Anonymous Faxer

Year of Birth: Unknown

Occupation: Unknown, presumed employee of SII

Original Complaint (physical): Unknown

Original Complaint (psychological): Supposition is that the Anonymous Faxer is unhappy with his gender and may be seeking a sex change operation.

Brief Summary: The Anonymous Faxer's story is told primarily through the bizarre images that he sends to me over the fax machine. His cryptic images reveal a tortured individual unhappy with his gender. Extremely shy, the Anonymous Faxer is unable to face therapy, forcing me to learn what I can from the strange but self-revealing images in hopes that the Faxer will someday be able to bring himself to accept treatment. Total Number of Communications: 60.

Brief Impression: The Anonymous Faxer has communicated only through a series of faxes until February 12, 1997, when he left an e-mail address. The communication has been exclusively one way which has been frustrating at times. The images give the impression of a man who is seriously distressed by his gender and may be seeking or currently undergoing a sex change operation. The female images are generally serene and happy, while the male images are often unhappy, mutulated, or tortured. The Anonymous Faxer seems unable to communicate face to face and chooses the more ambiguous, but also often more expressive, graphic expression.

Tentative Diagnosis: Gender Identity Disorder

Current Medications: None.

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