Patient Name: Peter Hossfeld

Year of Birth: 1969

Occupation: Programmer, SII

Original Complaint (physical): Lack of energy, tired, lost, blocked, weak.

Original Complaint (psychological): Lack of spirtual fulfillment, unhappy, feelings of personal inadequacy.

Brief Summary: Mr. Peter Hossfeld is a patient who has rejected western medicine and belief systems and instead engages in a succession of new age treatments and philosophies. Peter is also suffering from episodes which I believe are epileptic seizures brought on by the flickering of his computer monitor. However, Peter believes that these seizures are really a gateway to another plane of reality. He begins a relationship with an extremely manipulative and controlling psychic because he wants to explore those other realities. Unfortunately, Peter is also quickly losing his already fragile grip on reality. Total number of sessions: 11.

Brief Impression: Peter is a spirtual seeker, bordering on hypochondria. He has an obsessive need to remake himself and is seeking outside assistance through formalized self-help alternative groups and remedies. He's described episodes of loss of consciousness coupled with autonomic nervous system involvement. Tests have been ordered.

Tentative Diagnosis: Inferiority complex, possible obsessive compulsive disorder, possible hypochondriasis. I suspect temporal lobe epilepsy.

Current Medications: Dilantin as an anticonvulsive, 100 mg. (2 tabs) three times daily, prescribed by Dr. Susanne Gallagher on 6/30/97.

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