Patient Name: George Landau

Date of Birth: October 3, 1945

Occupation: Senior Administrator, SII

Original Complaint (physical): None. Patient wears a brace on his right wrist for repetitive strain injury.

Original Complaint (psychological): None. Reports some night terrors.

Brief Summary: Mr. George Landau works at SII and is something of an anachronistic fussbudget, forced into therapy by his younger boss. George sees himself as a person out of his time, thrust forward a hundred years and now fighting against the depersonalization of technology. He has a true technological phobia and he's begun to feign illness so that he can avoid computer training courses. During treatment, George reveals that his phobia is perhaps more deep seated than I could have imagined, explaining that he believes machines are sentient and evil. Total number of sessions: 12.

Brief Impression: George is a fastidious, serious, and tense person who deeply resents any intrusion into his highly ordered and carefully constructed world. He is extremely concerned with maintaining control.

Tentative Diagnosis: Phobia, specific type, centering on technology

Current Medications: None

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