George Landau Personnel File, Memos re: Sick Days

TO: Mr. Malcolm Spunt, Senior VP in charge of Internal Operations

FROM: Simon Taylor, Chief Administrator

DATE: January 6, 1997

Dear Malcolm:

I'm concerned about George Landau. He is a terrific worker who understands the needs of the administration department and is able to effectively communicate with those who we serve. But I have a problem with him that I'm afraid may get progressively more serious. George is starting to take a number of sick days with minor, unverifiable, complaints. Usually, he complains of stomach pain or diarrhea. These absences follow a specific pattern--the first Monday of each month. I took the liberty of looking up his time sheets going back to January 1994 when he was hired. Up until October 1996, he had only 2 days off due to sickness (the flu in December 1994). Other than that, he had a perfect attendance record.

But now, starting in October, he has missed the first Monday of each month.

7th October 1996: Nausea and stomach cramps
4th November 1996: Nausea and stomach cramps
2nd December 1996: Diarrhea

Now today, he called in sick for stomach cramps.

He hasn't missed a single day except for these first Mondays--which are the monthly training days designed to implement our new admin program. The result is that four months later George still isn't up to speed with the new system.

George is a good worker and a conscientious one. But I'm concerned that this, together with that other matter with which you're already acquainted, is the harbinger of a deeper problem. I want to suggest to George that he seek psychiatric help, but you know George. Before I go ahead, I want to be sure I have your support.

Simon Taylor's Signature

TO: Mr. Simon Taylor, Chief Administrator

FROM: Malcolm Spunt

DATE: January 7, 1997

Do it. I want him in therapy. He's a good man and I'd hate to lose him to something as trivial as all this nonsense. But I want this properly documented. This kind of treatment makes sense to me, and if he's going to start filing false disability claims, I want to be able to fight them effectively.

Malcolm Spunt's Signature

cc: Bob Clark

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