Patient Name: Kester Langford

Year of Birth: 1947

Occupation: Proof Reader, SII?

Original Complaint (physical): Inability to support himself--inadequate shelter and food.

Original Complaint (psychological): Compelled to make marks (whether artistic or not, he's not sure) to the exclusion of all else. A few hours away from his obsession makes him extraordinarily uncomfortable and anxious.

Brief Summary: Mr. Kester Langford is obsessed with making marks. This obsession has cost him the ability to even provide for his own food and shelter. When he first came to see me, Kester had been living on the charity of his friends. It's not clear whether the marks that Kester makes are art. He is not even sure what they are himself. And while his outwardly appearance is calm and composed, Kester is clearly very unstable and immature for fifty year old man. Total number of sessions: 14.

Brief Impression: Although possessing a calm demeanor, a steady handshake, and the ability to look me directly in the eye, my impression was that Mr. Langford was actually quite fragile. He expresses himself with a certain intensity and at the end of our first session, I was becoming concerned that he might be suicidal.

Tentative Diagnosis: Possible obsessive compulsive disorder and possible depression.

Current Medications: None

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