Patient Name: Hal Mainor

Year of Birth: 1960

Occupation: Technical Writer, SII

Original Complaint (physical): Difficulty breathing, feels like he is drowning

Original Complaint (psychological): Writer's block for creative non-job related writing. Unable to concentrate at work. Anxiety.

Brief Summary: Mr. Hal Mainor is a frustrated writer who originally sought treatment for writer's block. But after a one-night stand with Sylvia Bows, his boss at SII, Hal is both terrified that his wife will find out and he wants to use Sylvia to advance his writing career. Total number of sessions: 5.

Brief Impression: Hal is intelligent and articulate. He wrote westerns, but had to give that up to support a wife and kids. Now he feels that life has passed him by. He is unable to write again, comparing his current fiction efforts to the glorified work of his earlier years.

Tentative Diagnosis: Insecurity, writer's block, mid-life crisis. Work with Hal to help him write without criticising the work too early in the creative process. General encouragement.

Current Medications: I've prescribed no medications.

Current Status: Hal is anxious about the potential effect on his marriage from an affair he recently had with Sylvia Bows. He is missing a lot of sessions.

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