Patient Name: Lloyd Major

Year of Birth: 1941

Occupation: CEO, SII

Original Complaint (physical): Nasal Congestion

Original Complaint (psychological): Panic attacks related to inability to breathe through his nose during colds, flus and allergic episodes.

Brief Summary: Mr. Lloyd Major is the CEO of SII. Previously Lenny Majedenski, a son of Hungarian Emigrants, Lloyd is in his fifties, the father of two, and prefers sex with young men to sleeping with his wife. He started SII after he made his millions in the hi-tech sports gear material--the stuff that surfing suits and the like are made from. Lloyd thinks that owning a cutting-edge computer company is cool. SII is his biggest toy. Lloyd owns a private island somewhere in the tropics, and his favorite lovers find themselves entertained there, until they grow tiresome. Lloyd believes in the importance of exercise and has mandated that SII executives spend Friday afternoons rollerblading as a pack along San Francisco's waterfront. Lloyd Major wants me to help him deal with his morbid fear of suffocation stemming from a persistent sinus problems due to allergies. Total number of sessions: 4.

Brief Impression: Lloyd is a blustery, powerful man who has his own agenda. From what I know from other patients, he might be considered a meglamaniac.

Tentative Diagnosis: Claustrophobia-like symptoms when unable to breathe through nose.

Current Medications: Antihistamines, which he abuses.

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