Logan Marcas' Personnel File, Post-Hire Section

TO: Memo to the File

FROM: Malcolm Spunt

DATE: Monday, May 18, 1998

In the midst of a divisional meeting today, a disagreement between the two Co-Directors of Security ended with alarming results. While our newly hired Co-Director, Mr. Logan Marcas, outlined his professional assessment of the changes that have been outlined and endorsed by SII management, his Co-Director, Ms. Brenda Wolfe, began to question both his recommendations and his competency. Though her remarks started out at as dry and curt, they soon escalated into loud and blatantly accusing statements. Mr. Marcas made an attempt to retrieve some document from a file folder on the table and was physically restrained from doing so by Ms. Wolfe. This resulted in a physical struggle between the two directors which ended with a violent but efficient physical assault on Ms. Wolfe by Mr. Marcas. Mr. Marcas seemed completely calm and passive immediately after the assault and was escorted from the room by several people present. Ms. Wolfe was taken to a local hospital to receive treatment for her injuries. The suddenness and severity of the way that Mr. Marcas dispatched Ms. Wolfe came as a shock to those present. Clearly, such violence to a fellow employee must be addressed fully and completely. There must never be a repeat of this type of incident again.

However, although I in no way condone or excuse the actions of Mr. Marcas, it must be noted that he was highly provoked by the accusing and spiteful remarks made by Ms. Wolfe.

Therefore, it is my recommendation that Mr. Marcas should seek professional counseling to curb his tendency, if one exists, towards inappropriate displays of physical violence. I want a report from the company psychiatrist indicating that Mr. Marcas is not a danger to fellow employees--especially Ms. Wolfe--prior to his return to work. After Mr. Marcas has been deemed capable of returning to his normal position by the psychiatrist, I also want to reassess Mr. Marcas personally. It is hoped that Mr. Marcas will be able to resume his full regular duties quickly.

Once Ms. Wolfe is released from the hospital, I also believe that she should seek counseling for any emotional issues she may have that are preventing her from behaving professionally towards her co-director.

In summary, for restoration of Mr. Marcas to his position, I require a written recommendation from the company's therapist concluding that he is not a danger to himself or to others. I also will issue a written recommendation prior to Mr. Marcas' being reinstated.

This incident was particularly unfortunate in that it will delay the timely implementation of the changes of security policy that were decided upon during our last off-site meeting.

Malcolm Spunt's Signature

cc: Bob Clark

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