Via Facsimile


To: Dr. Charles Balis
From: Martin Silverman, LCSW
Date: May 20, 1997
Re: Alex Jarrod Rozzi

Dear Dr. Balis:

I met with Alex today and much to my surprise, he had only positive comments to make about his meeting with you on Wednesday. It seems almost as if he actually liked seeing you, which is what surprised me the most. You see, when I first met Alex, it took several visits for him to open up to me and you may find the same. As he gets to know you more, he'll become much more willing to tell you about himself. One thing about Alex: rarely does he lie or attempt to deceive, although with all his honesty, he may seem to be either bragging or very cutting depending on his tone.

Nonetheless, I am very pleased to hear the positive comments he made and he did agree to continue his visits with you. Meeting after noon is wholly workable for Alex, as his community work begins at 8 in the morning and typically will end sometime between 10:30 and 11. Any day is fine and if it would work for you, perhaps we can have a set weekly appointment? Whatever works best for you will be fine.

Thank you again, Doctor, for your time and interest.


Martin Silverman, LCSW

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