Patient Name: Claire Steven

Year of Birth: 1975

Occupation: Personnel Officer, SII

Original Complaint (physical): None

Original Complaint (psychological): lack of sexual interest, crying, irritability, possible depression

Brief Summary: Ms. Claire Steven is a very beautiful young woman desperately looking to find a way to enjoy sex with her husband before he abandons her and their marriage. She is extremely insecure, harbors a great deal of guilt, and is very sexually frustrated. Total number of sessions: 2.

Brief Impression: Claire is an extremely attractive young woman who loves her husband very much but is unable to enjoy sexual relations with him due to her feelings of insecurity and sexual guilt. She is emotionally labile and clearly scared, tired, and frustrated. She is seeking help because she wants to enjoy sexual relations, and although he has never threatened, she doesn't want her husband to leave her.

Tentative Diagnosis: None

Current Medications: None

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