Patient Name: Olivia Stillwell

Date of Birth: April 20, 1972

Occupation: Administrative Assistant with Stillwell Enterprises, Inc.

Original Complaint (physical): None

Original Complaint (psychological): Stress, anxiety, insomnia, nail biting.

Brief Summary: Ms. Olivia Stillwell is a nervous, insecure young woman sent into therapy by her adoptive father who is also her boss. Olivia is the product of a violent rape which led to her mother's death, shortly after her birth. As an infant, she was rejected by her mother's family who were grieving over the loss of their daughter. Olivia's father is extremely over protective of her, and Olivia is trying to break free and find her own way in the world. Total number of sessions: 16.

Brief Impression: Stress, nervousness, possibly insecurity--but stress is related to a man who is stalking her. She is reluctant to get help from the authorities.

Tentative Diagnosis: None as yet

Current Medications: Melatonin, once each night as needed, prescribed 12/15/97.

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