The Company Therapist is no longer accepting submissions. The submission guidelines are included here for reference only.

Each character in The Company Therapist hyperdrama needs to conform with the following guidelines:

1. An individual character cannot conflict with the overall story development or the past story lines.

2. Each character must have at least one session with the Doctor every two weeks. A therapy session is 4-6 pages, single-spaced, depending on how slowly your character talks. That's about 2,000 words give or take.

3. Each therapy session or telephone conversation should be delivered a minimum of 24 hours prior to the date and time on which it is scheduled to occur.

4. In addition to their session transcripts, each character could have all, some, or none of the following: a personal log or a diary, transcripts of telephone conversations with the Doctor, doodles, excerpts from their personnel file with SII, and photographs.

5. Material should be submitted via e-mail without formatting. Quote marks should be straight, not curly. The therapy session (or telephone conversation) material should be in question and answer format. Doodles, photographs, and other graphics should either be sent to us via US mail or be submitted as uncompressed PICT files (from the Mac) or TIFF files (from the IBM). Please e-mail us before sending large graphic files via e-mail. Large graphics sent as attachments to e-mail should be sent to with a message to us at telling us to go pick it up. Or you can send original graphics to us via U.S. post, and we'll scan it and send you back the original, if desired.

6. Each writer needs to fill out, execute, and fax back to Pipsqueak Productions a Work for Hire Agreement.

7. Of course, we reserve all rights to reject any material that we deem unsuitable or inadequate for any reason. All work is edited and only the editor-approved version will be published. As set forth in the Work for Hire Agreement, all work may be modified in all respects as the editor sees fit.

8. The site is rated "R". It is not appropriate for young children. A frank discussion of sexual matters, for example, is appropriate content for this site. After all, these are conversations with a therapist. However, this site is NOT rated "X". If your material is "over the top" it will be edited or rejected. This includes graphical material. Probably the most explicit material we've published is Anna Green telling Dr. Balis about being whipped. This is about as far as we want to push this particular envelope.

Our fax number is 415/668-5938. Our e-mail address is Our phone number is 415/668-4372.

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