Patient Name: Phylis Birch

Year of Birth: 1965

Occupation: Senior Graphic Artist, SII

Original Complaint (physical): None

Original Complaint (psychological): Concerned about the effects of her lying on her marriage. Obsessed with touring seedy bars.

Brief Summary: Ms. Phylis Birch is a senior graphic artist at SII. Strikingly attractive, she's happily married but she has taken to trolling through the seediest dives in town. She feels that she needs a certain amount of danger and instability in her life, so she puts on a disguise, assumes a different persona, and cruises the squalid bars on the bad side of town. Now, she's afraid that her bizarre hobby could lead to the destruction of her family life--but she still can't stop. Total number of sessions: 10.

Brief Impression: Phylis Birch likes being in control. During our interview, she insisted that it run her way. Defiant and arrogant, she is physically stunning--she looks like a high fashion model. Her predilection for going in disguise to seedy bars perhaps indicates a desire to be seen as someone different from herself. Perhaps she has always been admired for her physical attributes and now she wants to see if she can gain admiration without them. Conflict is developing in her otherwise harmonious marriage over children--he wants them and she is not ready yet. And Phylis seems willing to jeopardize her marriage to continue her obsessional need to frequent the seediest of bars (dives, she calls them). She is lying, and the lies are escalating to the point where she believes that her husband thinks she is having an affair.

Tentative Diagnosis: Possible control disorder. Possible mild conduct disorder. Deceitfulness.

Current Medications: 20 tabs .25 mg. Halcion prescribed 10/24/96.

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