Personnel File of Sylvia Bows, Hiring Section

TO: Bob Clark
FROM: Lloyd Major
DATE: Friday, January 21, 1994



I have been meeting with Sylvia Bows of CommSoft to entice her into coming to work for us. I'm sorry that you haven't been a part of the negotiations until now, but the talks have been very hush-hush. Sylvia has been at CommSoft for over two years. She was the editor of the technology section of the Chronicle from 1989-92, but you knew that already.

She has committed to work for us in the position of Vice-President in Charge of Customer Support. As this position has remained unfilled for far too long, I want every effort made to make her transition into the company as smooth and fast as possible. Ms. Bows will announce her resignation from CommSoft today. She expects that she will begin her position here February 7.

Attached please find my letter officially hiring her together with most of the pertinent data you will need. Please treat her with kid gloves. She's a find for us.


Ms. Sylvia Bows
San Francisco, CA 94121

January 20, 1994

Dear Ms. Bows:

This letter is to officially offer you the position of Vice President in Charge of Customer Service at Silicon Impressions Inc. You will oversee all customer service areas within the company, including phone and fax support; the writing, publishing and distribution of manuals and other written technical materials and you will be responsible for the management of the technical support staff.

Your yearly salary will begin at $72,500. You will also receive stock options (to be detailed on signing your contract), medical benefits and matching contribution status to our 401K plan. Other executive benefits, such as parking, club memberships and the like will of course also be included in your salary package.

You and I have already chosen your office and SII will pay for its redecoration to your specifications. Bob Clark in Personnel will fill you in on all the other details of your employment.

Welcome to Silicon Impressions Inc. We look forward to a long and rewarding future with you.

Very truly yours,

Lloyd Major


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