Cassandra Evans' Personnel File, Hiring Section

Personnel Interview Recommendation Form

Monday, April 3, 1995.

Cassandra Evans was recommended to me by a mutual business associate, George Stevens. She received her Bachelor's of Arts degree from U.C.L.A. where she majored in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Theater and minored in Business Technology Operations. After graduation, she was employed as a part time consultant for Computations, Inc. in the greater Los Angeles area. Her duties included the preparations of marketing materials, "Helpful Hint" packets for customers, and the development of training seminars. Her employers there were interested in hiring her full time when her family moved to Northern California. She was concerned about the distance and decided to move closer to her parents' retirement center.

Cassandra is a very pleasant as well as a knowledgeable young woman. I recommend making her part of our team. After a brief discussion with Ms. Sylvia Bows, I believe Ms. Evans will be most valuable in the Customer Service Department.


Hire approved at $24,000, Sylvia Bows, Vice President in Charge of Customer Service, by Sylvia Bows, Thursday, April 13, 1995. Standard benefit package also included.

End of Probationary Period Evaluation

Friday, July 14, 1995.

Sylvia Bows, Vice President in Charge of Customer Service.

Ms. Evans has been a wonderful addition to the Customer Service Department. She has a great knack for problem solving, and handles customers with respect and patience. Moreover, Ms. Evans has taken extra pains to ease those "technologically impaired" of their anxieties and frustrations. She is very warm, honest, and eager to please. We are happy to have her as an employee, and have high hopes for her advancement in the company.


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