Anna Green's Personnel File, Hiring Section

Personnel Interview Recommendation Form

Wednesday, July 13, 1994.

Ms. Anna Green has been presented to me by Richard Daly, the head of programming, as his choice for a new hire in his department. Richard met Ms. Green in April at an Alumnae event at U.C. Davis (his wife's alma mater). Ms. Green graduated in June and contacted Mr. Daly.

Normally, I do not approve of managers picking their own employees without going through Personnel, but I have met Ms. Green and approve her hire. She is an adequate programmer. More importantly she has excellent social skills and seems easy to get along with (rare qualities in that department). Given some of the problems we've had in that area, I feel she will be a welcome addition to the staff.

Ms. Green is single and new to the Bay Area.


Hire approved at $28,000, Sydney Brown, Vice-President of Research and Development, Friday, July 22,1994.

End of Probationary Period Evaluation

Tuesday, November 8, 1994

Richard Daly, Head of Programming

Anna is a great girl and a terrific addition to the programming staff. She is upbeat, positive, and well liked by everyone. She has settled into the department routine without much difficulty. She's a bit talkative, but that's rather refreshing down here--she even bakes cookies every week for the gang. I think we should keep her permanently.

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