Letter from George Eisenstadt of CalaCare, 7/24/96

July 24, 1996

Dr. Charles Balis
San Francisco, CA 94104

Dear Dr. Balis:

Thank you for the the materials you sent us. They have been helpful in forming an initial impression of the work you have been doing. Your caseload seems fairly light at this point, but we understand that in-house psychiatric services are a new thing for many people, and there seems to have been some hesitation in taking advantage of them. However, if this does not turn around soon, we would have a hard time justifying the cost-effectiveness of this program versus further outsourcing your services.

In order for our process to work as effectively as possible, a goal which I'm sure you share, it is necessary for us to have full access to all patient-related information. We have dealt with a great many doctors in the past, and this has never been a problem, "sacred trust" notwithstanding. While the records you sent us were a start in the right direction, we must insist on full compliance with this firmly established policy. Our managers and underwriters will, of course, keep all your material confidential. This review process is for purposes of internal evaluation and cost-control only. Your cooperation, which I am sure will be forthcoming, will be much appreciated.

Very truly yours,

George Eisenstadt

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