Letter from Gerald Barkel of CalaCare, 8/02/96

August 2, 1996

Dr. Charles Balis
San Francisco, CA 94104

Dear Dr. Balis:

I am writing in response to your latest letter to George Eisenstadt, which he has referred to me as it deals with legal issues he did not feel competent to address. First, let me stress that you were hired to deal with patients and their problems; not to distract yourself (and your friends) with legal issues that really shouldn't concern you. If you do have any apprehensions of a legal nature, you should bring them up with our office. Dealing with this sort of thing is why we are here.

In response to your specific concern, I would like to draw your attention to the contract which all of Silicon Impressions' personnel are required to sign as a condition of employment. On page 3, section 12, all rights under the statute to which you refer are specifically waived--confidentiality is maintained by the company as a whole. Additionally, you may recall that in your own pre-employment contract, you agreed to share with the company "all relevant records and data that the company or its representatives should reasonably require." (page 7, paragraph 5). In my opinion, the material that Mr. Eisenstadt has requested falls under this category, and should be made available without further delay. We are, after all, on the same team here, are we not?

While your ethical responsibilities are ultimately your own concern, please let me assure you that you have nothing to fear legally by cooperating with our company, which is certainly within its rights when it insists on the information it needs in order to function effectively. If you have anything further to express on this issue, please bring it to my attention. Otherwise we will consider this matter amicably concluded and await your speedy compliance with Mr. Eisenstadt's request.

All the Best,

Gerald Barkel

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