Hal Mainor's Personnel File, Hiring Section

Personnel Interview Recommendation Form
Monday, June 22, 1987.

Respondent Hal Mainor interviewed for the Technical Writer position today. He is articulate and well-mannered, although perhaps a bit anxious.

Currently employed by Hercules Technologies in the East Bay as a technical writer, he says that he wants to join a growing company for better job security. He was particularly concerned about secrecy, not wanting his current employer to find out about the fact that he is searching for work.

He says that he writes all their graphics cards installation manuals designed to direct personal computer users through getting their systems open and getting a card installed.

Married with two kids, A boy who is five and a girl who is two. His wife is an attorney.

Educated in San Francisco, High School equivalency through a GED.

I was impressed by his response on the technical writing test, administered today and attached hereto.

Salary requirements $27,000.

Out of the 7 respondents to the ad in the Chronicle, Mainor seems to be the most qualified. I recommend for hire.


Technical Writing Test (10 minutes).

Administered to Hal Mainor on Monday, June 22, 1987.

Q: Tell me how to make a pot of coffee using a drip coffee maker with a cone filter. Assume that the coffee machine is already set up and that the user will be using preground coffee with a supplied scoop. 8 cups of water uses 4 scoops of coffee.

A: Fill the carafe to the eight cup level using cold water. Slowly pour the water from the carafe into the covered chamber at the top of the coffee maker. If the water is poured too fast, there might be some spillage. Open the drip coffee maker's filter compartment and remove and discard any old filters. Remove a single paper filter from the box and open the filter into a cone shape. Place the smaller side down into the coffee maker's filter compartment and make sure that the sides of the paper filter touch the premolded cone-shaped opening. Using the supplied scoop, place four level measures of coffee into the paper cone filter. Freshly ground coffee will provide a superior result. Carefully close the filter compartment and make sure that the water compartment's lid is closed. Place the carafe onto the hot plate receptacle inside the coffee maker. Turn the power switch to the "on" position. Coffee should be ready in about 6 minutes.

Hiring Approved at $27,000, Tom Utterman, Vice President of Marketing. June 27, 1987.

End of Probationary Period Evaluation
Wednesday, September 16, 1987
Doug Breech, Technical Writing Supervisor.

Hal is a valuable addition to the technical writing team at SII. He is able to produce work unsupervised and within the time frames given to him. His work is always top notch. He has a somewhat ironic sense of humor which sometimes creeps into his work, but he is always quick to recognize it and cut it out at final edit. I recommend that Hal's employment be turned permanent.

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