Patient Name: Nicole Ulreich

Date of Birth: July 14, 1982

Occupation: Student. Stepfather is Thomas Johannsen, Associate Buyer, SII

Original Complaint (physical): Drug abuse

Original Complaint (psychological): Nervousness, paranoia, depression, drug abuse, child abuse

Brief Summary: Ms. Nicole Ulreich is a teenaged drug addict hoping to get pregnant as a way of improving her life. I'm trying to get her off the drugs and work out Nicole's self worth issues that are driving her to motherhood at the tender age of 16. Total number of sessions: 3.

Brief Impression: Nicole is a poly drug abuser, although perhaps not an addict yet. However, she's slipping down a slippery slope and can perhaps realize her own problems through watching her friend, who's somewhat worse off. She's reports being a victim of child abuse.

Tentative Diagnosis: None yet.

Current Medications: Darvocet-N 100 for knee pain (propoxyphene napsylate and acetaminophen) 100 mg. once every four hours as needed for pain; Proventil (albuterol sulfate) 4 mg, b.i.d.

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