Patient Name: Kelly Wiseling

Year of Birth: 1973

Occupation: Programmer, SII

Original Complaint (physical): None. Kelly is hearing impaired.

Original Complaint (psychological): Too easily upset.

Brief Summary: Ms. Kelly Wiseling is a deaf woman with a sharp tongue and a quick temper. Her childhood was dominated by a mother who desperately wanted a hearing "normal" daughter. Kelly was forced to function in both the hearing and deaf worlds, and now she feels alienated from both of them. Although she has a strong interest in sex--and worries needlessly that she may be a nymphomaniac--her past is marred by romantic disappointments. Total number of sessions: 11.

Brief Impression: Kelly is sensitive about her deafness, easily angered, and emotionally labile. She'd like more control over her emotions so as to appear immune to perceived insults and snubs.

Tentative Diagnosis: None yet.

Current Medications: None.

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