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Re: The Good Doctor

Posted by: fulkerson
Date: Friday, 29 August 1997, at 3:41 p.m.

In Response To: The Good Doctor (Loosely)

I guess I have to say that I still don't reaaly see a face when I am thinking of the doctor. . .but the idea of him fumbling around with an expensive pen fits and of course, the corny sense of humor has already been established, but I think he has a darker side that hasn't been explored yet; maybe even a few skeletons in his closet. . .I would imagine that it can be very taxing on the Good Doctor to hear about all these problems constantly. . .I'd love to read a therapy session with the doctor and HIS therapist!!!

> I've been trying to piece together a profile
> and a picture of Dr. Balis. I can see him in his
> swivel chair, looking like a cross between Andy
> Garcia, Dustin Hoffman, and Traturro (Quiz Show).
> He has a corny sense of humor, maybe fumbles with
> an expensive pen as he listens. Lately I've been
> looking at him through a different pair of lenses,
> especially with what I think of as some nonconventional
> methods for treating his patients.

> Thank you, authors, for getting Charles out
> of his comfortable chair and doing something besides
> talking! He took Tom Darden on a walk, and made
> Alex slap himself. (I thought it was quite a coup
> when Christina kissed him spontaneously a while
> ago.) Good going, gang. Anyone want to talk some
> more about the Doc?

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