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sebmissive woman

Posted by: Mona <>
Date: Saturday, 2 April 2005, at 5:16 a.m.

I am a south Asian woman. I am 23. I have a German boyfriend who is 42. Age difference is no problem for me as I prefer older men. He is a successful business excutive in Hamburg. I have been living with him for more than one year. A few weeks back he asked me to move out of his place. I had no place to stay. So I cried and begged him to keep me. He agreed. However, he set two conditions. Firstly, he will reduce my weekly allowance to 20 Euros from 100 Euros and secondly, I have to stay naked all teh time at home; even when we have guests. I agreed. Now I am not allowed to wear any clothes. He threw away most of my clothes. Just kept a few sexy clothes like plunging neckline tops, hot pants, micro minis, sexy gowns. I love wearing sexy clothes and I don't mind being nude all teh time. He even orders me to perform oral sex in front of his guests and perform erotic dance. Sometimes he even has sex in front of his close friends. I take whatever he does to me. can't imagine leaving him. He even had sex with two other women twice. I came to know. Yet accepted it and did not leave. I am wondering why I am so submissive?


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