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Re: i want to know you more

Posted by: Christopher Werby <>
Date: Thursday, 19 May 2005, at 12:09 p.m.

In Response To: i want to know you more (nicolas)

Hello Nicolas,

The Company Therapist is a fictional site. It's like a story. Unfortunately there is no real Dr. Balis and there's no real therapy to be had here.

I wish you good luck in finding a genuine therapist who has some understanding of the sometimes unique emotional issues facing the deaf.


> hi dr.Balis

> u see i m deaf also i read other story about u and other
> person i was kind of impressed and happy to hear u and
> other person discussed in public like internet i found u
> and other person in google ..... and i think i was very
> lucky to find u and other person conversation i am happy
> ..... i want to know if u still work as therapist ? or
> still working on internet ? i want to know more about
> you is if u know more about deaf problems ?

> to tell u truth i really need yr help in future .... if
> u know more about deaf problems ..... or other person
> who talked with you knew about deaf problem i would like
> to talk with him ..... his name is mr.wiseling

> if it is confidential ..... i m sorry to intefere u and
> professional leak .....

> please understand i may have used bad communication
> skills ....

> my first sign language is french and i understand
> english words i learned too many things but i love to
> hear more about u and mr wiseling ....

> i cant wait to hear from u and mr wiseling if i cant
> hear from mr wiseling then i want to know about u ......

> i hope u help my problem

> i will wait yr reply soon

> nicolas

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