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Re: Start a Group Session

Posted by: Andi <>
Date: Sunday, 31 August 1997, at 8:34 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Start a Group Session (fulkerson)

I'd be game for some sort of group interaction. Some of the characters, as y'all may remember, have run across each other anyway. Witness Peter and Eliza's ill-fated romance, and Chris and Eliza's friendship. The way some of these characters would interact with each other is funny just to imagine, there are such a wide range of quirks. It could definitely be amusing.

Pax, Andi

> I think Alex would be vehemently opposed to
> the idea, but with a little coaxing, may actually
> like it.

> It's interesting that you say that about a
> group thing because I was thinking that all of us
> writers ought to somehow get together on something
> - but the interaction in a group session may be
> more than a challenge in getting all of us together
> in 'real-time', as Chris points out. The idea is
> definitely a good one!

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