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Re: what's the point??

Posted by: Christopher Werby <>
Date: Monday, 1 August 2005, at 9:07 a.m.

In Response To: what's the point?? (heidi)


The Company Therapist is a fiction, a literary experiement, and not a place to get real help. I urge you to get help from a professional. Gaining an outside perspective may help you find a way out of your emotional problems. The suicide hotlines would be a good place to start. Try 1-800/273-8255 or 1-800/784-2433.

Good luck to you.

> I feel like therre is no sense of continuing with this
> lie I call a life. I have negativly affected the people
> I care about the most. It seems like the more I care
> about someone, the more I mess thing up in their life. I
> have started the search for my husbands' hand gun. I
> won't do it at the house because I don't want anyone to
> have to clean up a mess. Maybe in the woods. I have
> tried counceling, and medication. I don't feel any
> better and I still mess everything up. This is the last
> resort, but the only one I have left. I just wanted to
> put it down in writing to see if I still have the nerve
> to do it after reading the words. The goo dpart of the
> whole thing is I will see my son again. Since he is with
> God I won't be able to mess him up.

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