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Re: Strange dreams...

Posted by: fulkerson
Date: Monday, 1 September 1997, at 6:56 p.m.

In Response To: Strange dreams... (Thoughtful)

Well, one day a friend and I were walking around The City at one of the various street fairs held during the summer months and we played a game: find Alex Rozzi. . .well, only a few people even came close to what I imagine him to look like.

I guess that if I had to cast an actor for the part of Alex, I would have to say Leonardo diCaprio - only he would need to make his hair very very black and (right now at least) it would need to be in long dreads.

Don't ask me again to try to cast the Doctor, there has been an ongoing debate over that subject. . .

I'd really love to hear from the other writers to see who they would want to have cast as their characters.

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