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Re: Strange dreams...

Posted by: Andi <>
Date: Wednesday, 3 September 1997, at 7:59 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Strange dreams... (fulkerson)

...And for what its worth, I always pictured Chris as a curly-haired version of the gal who played Ashley on Spin City...

Pax, Andi PS--I am not going to touch the issue of the Dr. either...I have my own opinions. :)

> Well, one day a friend and I were walking around
> The City at one of the various street fairs held
> during the summer months and we played a game: find
> Alex Rozzi. . .well, only a few people even came
> close to what I imagine him to look like.

> I guess that if I had to cast an actor for
> the part of Alex, I would have to say Leonardo diCaprio
> - only he would need to make his hair very very
> black and (right now at least) it would need to
> be in long dreads.

> Don't ask me again to try to cast the Doctor,
> there has been an ongoing debate over that subject.
> . .

> I'd really love to hear from the other writers
> to see who they would want to have cast as their
> characters.

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