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Re: Who would you cast as. . .

Posted by: fulkerson
Date: Monday, 15 September 1997, at 5:17 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Who would you cast as. . . (Mike Taylor)

> I suppose I'd choose Ewan McGregor to play
> Tom Darden, or perhaps Matthew Modine with a closely-shaven
> head and wire-rimmed spectacles. As for the stage
> idea --I'd definitely like to see some of Anna's
> sessions live. . . Mike

> Mike - I'd enjoy seeing some of Thomas' sessions live, he's a kick! Your actor choices helped me to sort of put a face to him and that helps me form a good picture. . . I envisioned several sessions on a stage, with the actors possibly behind a screen so you could only see the silhouettes of them and the doctor - or - just having the sessions roll right into each other, with a constant turn-around of sessions - did that make any sense?

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