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Re: Just wondering

Posted by: olga <>
Date: Tuesday, 23 September 1997, at 9:30 a.m.

In Response To: Just wondering (Laura)

> I am totally hooked on the Company Therapist!!

> I'm not a writer so I was just wondering how so

> many different writers can keep Dr. Balis the same.

> Do you get guidelines or is there one person out

> there who writes his parts? (For instance, when

> his father was sick, it was part of many different

> sessions). Like I said, I love the site but I couldn't

> imagine how you make it work!!!

Oh, it's so nice to have fans!!!!

As for the Doctor having a consistant voice:

What you don't see by just reading the site is e-mail communications between the writers and between the producers of TCT and the writers. If in one session the Doctor doesn't sound quite right, then that part would be edited out to make his character consistant across all the sessions.

Also when two characters interact with eachother, the authors talk about it ahead of time and each has to agree. For example, when Ms. Birch was raped my Joseph, the authors negotiated very carefully.

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