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Re: Who would you cast as. . .

Posted by: fulkerson
Date: Sunday, 28 September 1997, at 6:40 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Who would you cast as. . . (Karen)


> I didn't answer because I "write"
> the Anonymous Faxer, giving him a face would utterly
> defeat the purpose.

> When The company Therapist was first being
> launched (I was Olga and Christopher's intern),
> we knocked around the idea of putting photographs
> of the characters in their files, perhaps their
> SII IDs. The problem is finding the right person
> for the image and getting them to agree to have
> their image attached to some of the antics the characters
> are involved.

> Would you really want someone to stop you on
> the street and say,"Hey, you're Sylvia! So
> is who do you think is Roald's father???" okay, so who would play the Anonymous Faxer's hands?!?!?

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