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Saying Goodbye to Sylvia

Posted by: Olga <>
Date: Thursday, 07 August 1997, at 1:38 p.m.

I've been writing Sylvia Bows for over a year now, and the story that I wanted to tell has been told. I'm finding it harder and harder to writer her--she's no longer coming out as effortlessly as she did during the middle of her story--and I'm thinking about phasing her out. But after a year, it's sort of hard to say goodbye to a character whose become such an independent spirit. So I'm dragging it out a bit. I'm worried that new readers will find her uninteresting to read because the current sessions all echo back so strongly to the past.

I wonder if this tension will be true for all the authors who've been writing for a while. There's been some turn-over of authors on The Company Therapist. Most of the time, it happened because people ran out of the time to write, rather than because they deliberately wanted to end their character--although Andrew's Joseph Mazurka is a conspicuous exception!

But if I put down Sylvia, I'll pick up another character--perhaps Lloyd will see the Doctor a bit more often.

Olga Werby

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