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Re: Company Therapist, The Book?!?

Posted by: Mike Taylor
Date: Thursday, 16 October 1997, at 12:45 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Company Therapist, The Book?!? (Loosely)

> About a book: A comic book would work. Each
> month a new issue.

I like the comic book idea. Dr. Balis interviews some of the world's most renowned superheroes...

Dr. Balis:, the girl was hanging on the railing as the building burned around her and then you...

Mr. Green Hornet: I reached for her as I dangled from my magic belt cable, but she was too far....TOO FAR!

Dr. Balis: It's okay, Mr Hornet, really...

Mr. Green Hornet: No! The look she gave me as she fell...I'll never get it out of my mind! Those eyes! Those piercing blue eyes that seemed to dance around my head shouting, "Why didn't you save me! WHY DIDN'T YOU SAVE MY LIFE!"

Dr. Balis: There was nothing you could do...

Yes, yes --I think we're on to something here...


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