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Re: Company Therapist, The Book?!?

Posted by: Karen <>
Date: Friday, 17 October 1997, at 1:06 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Company Therapist, The Book?!? (Loosely)

Brilliant!!! I love the ads in the back.

Actually, I still feel that TCT could be a great television show. Sort of a comedy/drama (dramedy?) soap opera; part Dynasty (SII), The Bob Newhart Show ( Hi, Bob!), and General Hospital.

Karen AKA 42 down

> About a book: A comic book would work. Each
> month a new issue. Advertising in the back for muscle
> building, trick handcuffs, tattoo designs, the Space
> Game, Fun For Boys, Writing for Money workshops,
> Drawing Made Easy, Computer Programming Correspondence
> courses, Club Med(ical), etc. A crossword puzzle
> at the back of each issue with Company Therapist
> Trivia clues (13 across: by how many women has Thomas
> Darden been rejected? 42 down: what is the name
> given to the character who sends fascimiles but
> has never actually sat down with the Doctor?) Whaddya
> think?

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