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Re: Graphics

Posted by: pip <>
Date: Monday, 3 November 1997, at 10:14 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Graphics (George)

> Maybe if you get rid of the VSPACE="1"
> that would clear it up?

Oh, it's true confessions time! It was a kludge when I did it. I knew that. But it worked. There is a one pixel white line on the top of every one of the upper right hand topper elements. That forced the pieces into alignment with Netscape 2.0 with all the white space I used in my code. With later browsers, it screwed things up, so we rewrote the code to make the one pixel line work. It may be that IE 4.0 is properly reading the code, when IE 3.0 and all Netscape versions are not. But it is still aggrevating. And, I'm afraid, a simple vspace fix isn't going to work. I suspect that I'll be removing the white pixel line from the top of each of about 300 topper elements. And I'll have to change the code in every page of the site. Arrgh!


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