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More on hits!

Posted by: Karen <>
Date: Saturday, 10 January 1998, at 2:20 p.m.

I thought I would elaborate on my previous message about hits and who's reading.

During the first week of TCT's public launch, we recieved 62,000 hits on the day TCT was named cool site of the day by both infi and Yahoo.

What was really interesting was the breakdown of who/where the hits were coming from. Reports like these don't show individuals but do list the servers they came from. AOL, obviously, had a huge clump of hits, where these people came from is anybodies guess.

We got quite a kick from the heavy readership on that day from large companies like IBM and PacBell. Even though this was in August 1996 there were many hits from universities, like the Princeton forestry department (go figure). The thing that really got my blood pumping though were the hits from all over the world.

Australia was huge, they are big into the internet. It was countries like Japan, Inia, Bosnia, Korea and Argentina that really drove home to me the power of the internet.

Now this reoport only give the server figures for front page hits, the rest of the site pages were listed with only total numbers of hits. The powerful part is that even if only 74 people went to see my artwork as the anonymous faxer, some of those 74 could have been from Russia, Tahiti or Isreal.

I guess my point is, don't worry about how many people are reading your work, think about how many and who can read your work.

Karen a.k.a. 42 down

Karen's very own web site

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