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Re: More on hits!

Posted by: Sharon <>
Date: Monday, 12 January 1998, at 7:17 a.m.

In Response To: Re: More on hits! (loosely)

> I guess I feel
> alone in pursuing all the characters at this site.

Nope! I follow almost all of them. I even have a system! LOL I have to read *all* of the history of a patient before I will allow myself to read the most current sessions. I hate coming into the story in the middle! =) There are only a few more patients left for me to read their histories.

> I wish it was somehow more interactive between writers
> and readers.

I guess that's what this board is for. I'd love to see more fans use it.

> The idea of "collaborative hyperdrama"
> intrigued me from the start. At first I thought
> readers could stir things up for the characters
> too, and help influence the course of their lives.

I thought about offering suggestions and ideas to the various artists. Then I realized that I could take those ideas and make them into my own character, Olivia Stillwell. She's turning out differently than I had planned (Christopher told me that the characters sometime take on a life of their own!), but that's ok, I'll just make her more outrageous or make another character to pick up some of the things I can't put into Olivia! =)

> Are there any authors here who have taken a
> reader's suggestion and built it into a session?
> Do writers get much response from their fans?

That's something I'd be interested in hearing about as well.

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