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Re: More on hits!

Posted by: Scott
Date: Monday, 12 January 1998, at 5:06 p.m.

In Response To: Re: More on hits! (loosely)

I write Alex and I am answering you before I read anyone else's response. . .

The 'collaberative' effect on this site does indeed occur behind the scenes, and in my case only through Email. My character currently interacts with another character, Katherine Lippard. The way we work it out is done only through Email, I have never spoken verbally to Katherine's author and this is the part that usually intrigues people. . .and it's the same for my writing - I write Alex and then usually proof read him a couple times, then his session goes over to Chris and Olga and they proof read it and make any grammatical or spelling errors I may have missed. . .or they may have a suggestion. Everything is done for me through Email.

As far as taking a suggection from any readers, so far none have been offered. . .I don't know how I would feel about it, I guess I would be reluctant to use someone else's ideas. I would love to see a reader with ideas write his own character, which is how I got started. My friends give me lots of ideas (often without realizing it) and I have one friend in particular who I ocassionally bounce an idea or two off of, but I don't rely too heavily on that process either. For me the writing is mainly a solitary thing.

> Thank you, Sharon, for the explanation(s).
> I was impressed with the numbers. I guess I feel
> alone in pursuing all the characters at this site.
> I wish it was somehow more interactive between writers
> and readers.

> The idea of "collaborative hyperdrama"
> intrigued me from the start. At first I thought
> readers could stir things up for the characters
> too, and help influence the course of their lives.
> I guess that happens behind the scenes on writers'
> own web pages.

> Are there any authors here who have taken a
> reader's suggestion and built it into a session?
> Do writers get much response from their fans?

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