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Re: Music for The Company Therapist?

Posted by: krauss <>
Date: Tuesday, 05 August 1997, at 7:05 p.m.

In Response To: Music for The Company Therapist? (pip)

Christopher Werby on 8/5/97 1:31 PM said:


>We're thinking about including music as part of The Company Therapist site. We like the MIDI download as QuickTime movie technology which allows lengthy and involved musical compositions to be sent in a 20 to 40K file. We've heard some complex and interesting music being delivered this way to complement web sites and we'd be interested in considering it as background music to the site--perhaps only on the front screen. It could set a tone. How do people feel about MIDI music and music in general on what is essentially a site about writing? Is it worth the additional download time? Any thoughts about where to find composers who both might want to contribute and who are talented?

Allow me to suggest your theme song be "Psychotic Reaction" by the Count Five, although a sample of the guitar riff would be infinitely cooler than a MIDI file. The MIDI tunes generally sound like Muzak versions of the real thing.

Syd Lexic

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