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Re: More on hits!

Posted by: Scott
Date: Monday, 12 January 1998, at 5:19 p.m.

In Response To: Re: More on hits! (loosely)

I forgot to answer your last question - whether we get much response from our character's readers.

I have received several wonderful Emails from people commenting on my character and I love getting that kind of feedback. A few friends who read it ask me constantly when the next session is coming out and I think I read another comment someone else made about my character (blush!), so it is nice to hear from our readers!!!

As a matter of fact, I was in a funk over my writing a few months back and one day I opened my Email and there was a letter that I framed from someone who gave me the highest compliment anyone could ever hope to get and that was that they were inspired enough to write their own character. . .this person went on to join as a writer and has a fascinating storyline of their own going, with very very good writing. So I say, GO FOR IT!!!!

Oh and to finish my story, that letter alone helped me out of my funk and I have been on a roll ever since!!!! All my wrting got a charge out of that compliment, not just Alex.

So in the case that the writer I am talking about sees this. . .


you (and I) know who you are!!!!

> Thank you, Sharon, for the explanation(s).
> I was impressed with the numbers. I guess I feel
> alone in pursuing all the characters at this site.
> I wish it was somehow more interactive between writers
> and readers.

> The idea of "collaborative hyperdrama"
> intrigued me from the start. At first I thought
> readers could stir things up for the characters
> too, and help influence the course of their lives.
> I guess that happens behind the scenes on writers'
> own web pages.

> Are there any authors here who have taken a
> reader's suggestion and built it into a session?
> Do writers get much response from their fans?

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