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The Egg and I

Posted by: Karen <>
Date: Tuesday, 13 January 1998, at 1:03 a.m.

Well, it is satisfying for see folks jumping into the fray.

Two writers have mentioned that their characters begin to take on lives of their own. I think that is a sign of very good writing, or, at least, very good thinking about writing.

Having examined characters from the writer's, actor's and, er, faxer's point of view, I truly believe that we create real living creatures. The faxer certainly has taken some twists and turns since he was assigned to me by Olga and Christopher in the summer of 1996. The assignment was part taking advantage of my photoshop skills and part "text relief" for the site.

The faxer began as sort of a stalker (witness my clumsy first fax), but then slowly developed into a sad and rather sympathetic character. My true regret is that I resorted to eMails with Dr. Balis. I think his story could have been better told by faxes.

As for those of you who keep telling people that your character is a lot like you--knock it off!! People assume the same about me and I can assure you that I am not Gay man with transexual dillusions . . .not that there is anything wrong with that ;-)

I can't remember who said "Writing is easy, you just stare at a blank piece of paper until small beads of blood begin to form on your forehead". I believe it means that once the story is launched it flows, occaisionally out of control, but it developes it's own natural gait. Getting started, however, is more painful than a root canal given by a gorilla on steroids.

Actually, that quote has nothing to do with my point, but it is a bitchin' quote . . . for five points, who the heck said that?



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