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Re: Front Page Graphic

Posted by: pip <>
Date: Monday, 26 January 1998, at 1:56 p.m.

In Response To: Front Page Graphic (Jerry Demarte)

It's true. The front screen graphic is 100K, which is too big. We put the latest teasers up top to give something to read while the front screen graphic downloads. I'm not sure that splitting the awards out will make a lot of difference, but it's worth considering. I'll do a test and see if it lowers the size of the main graphic substantially. Do you know a way to force one graphic to load first before another begins?

> I'd like to make a suggestion about the front
> page graphic. Due to its overall size, might I suggest
> breaking it up so it doesn't take so long to download?
> It takes about 50 seconds to download the whole
> graphic using a 28.8 modem.

> You could divide the graphic at the awards
> section fairly easily, and allow the user to navigate
> through the first graphic without waiting to see
> all the lauds.

> What do you think?

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