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Re: The Egg and I

Posted by: pip <>
Date: Monday, 26 January 1998, at 2:38 p.m.

In Response To: Re: The Egg and I (Scott)

> It is true, sometimes, that getting started
> is the hardest part, but once I get going, the character
> almost writes himself.

> As far as people telling me that Alex is me
> - - - well, maybe just a little bit. . .but for
> the most part he is a compilation of all the 'characters'
> I have encountered in my life. No, my mother isn't
> a trouble-maker and I definitely didn't turn tricks
> (like Alex). But, who knows? Ha-Ha!!! Just kidding!

I can never tell how good an actor really is until I see the actor play a completely different character. So when I saw Daniel Day Lewis in "My Left Foot", I didn't really know how good he was--sure he was good, but that might just be how he is generally. It wasn't until I saw him in later roles that I realized just how good he was.

Imagine our difficulty, then, in reading the work from the various authors who we don't know. Karen we knew and we suspected that she wasn't a man with gender confusion. But we've never met most of the writers. We've even found ourselves on occasion referring to the author as if they were the character--i.e. "Alex sent in his session."

For the sake of most of the writers, we hope that sessions aren't primarily autobiographical (although perhaps informed by reality).

But the voyeuristic sense of reading the therapy sessions of real people is what makes The Company Therapist work as an entertainment.


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