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Mea Culpa! (was Re: Where the heck is Anna?)

Posted by: Olga <>
Date: Wednesday, 4 February 1998, at 1:23 p.m.

In Response To: Where the heck is Anna? (Elizabeth)

> Seems like you guys are on vacation... Anna's
> life is really heating up, but we haven't heard
> from her in weeks. When can we expect a new office
> visit? Or at least a phone call to the good Doctor....

Sorry, sorry, sorry. The good Doctor's fine, but we've been struck with the Sidney Flu. We can't recommend it. We're getting better and the next group of sessions are almost edited--we'll try to get them up later today (Thursday). Unfortunately, Anna got the Sidney Flu as well (what an amazing coincidence!) So we'll have to wait a week for her next session, I'm afraid. But Kathy has left the apartment while Anna was sick with the flu (trying to protect the baby) and there is some very unpleasant gossip floating around SII about Martin getting his houseguest pregnant. The SII community is rallying to Anna's side.


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