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Re: Mea Culpa! (was Re: Where the heck is Anna?)

Posted by: ervin bowodn
Date: Tuesday, 17 February 1998, at 5:32 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Mea Culpa! (was Re: Where the heck is Anna?) (Elizabeth)

> Thanks for the update Olga, and feel better
> soon. I'm glad the flu is one of those old-fashioned
> viruses you can't catch from via modem! i am a man wont to be a woman i wont to know have i can find a good dr can do gender reassignment i wont a woman dr can do this my name is ervin bowodn e@bowodn aol send me some info if you have some i am a gay man right now but i wont my dick cut up i not wont to see it no more i all was fill i was a woman all my life ervin bowodn put me on your list to

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