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Re: Alex Rozzi

Posted by: Scott
Date: Thursday, 5 March 1998, at 7:01 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Alex Rozzi (Sharon)

Let's just say that if Alex did move away and try to move on that: 1) he wouldn't be able to see the doctor each week 2) the past will follow him wherever he goes anyway, so why not deal with it now, while's he's young, there's time for healing the wounds of the past

But, Thank You, Kookie for taking such positive interest in Alex's welfare and Thank You, Sharon, for your wonderful support (Alex will take all the love he can get. . .)

> Why? He's dealing with things wonderfully.
> Look at where he is now compared to when he started
> therapy. When he started, he had one foot in juvenile
> detention. He's in a good relationship, on good
> terms with his mother, has met his real father,
> has a real family and good supportive friends. I
> think Alex is doing marvelously. But then, I'm in
> love with Alex, so I might be biased! LOL

> Sharon

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