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Re: Something else not working

Posted by: pip <>
Date: Wednesday, 18 March 1998, at 9:57 a.m.

In Response To: Something else not working (Jeff)

> I noticed Jordan had a problem finding something
> on your site, and I found a mistake also. I am no
> Net expert at all, so this may just be my machine,
> but the links to the sessions from Dr. Balis's Appointment
> Book are not linked for the last week. I have a
> bookmark to his Appt. Book so that is the first
> place I look, and was disappointed that they were
> late (even though they really weren't).

Oops, how ugly! You're absolutely right. I must have been asleep when I did the last update, because the next week's appointments were right where they should have been, just the links to the current stuff was not done. Anyway, it's fixed now. Thank you VERY much for pointing this out. Please tell me about anything else that you see that's wrong.

Christopher Werby

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