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Re: RealAudio transcripts?

Posted by: pip <>
Date: Sunday, 19 April 1998, at 11:42 a.m.

In Response To: RealAudio transcripts? (El Mariachi)

> Has the creator of this site considered producing
> "recorded" transcripts of the sessions?
> They could be put into RealAudio format so that
> they can be streamed off the web.

> Now the question is: who would do the voices?
> My suggestion would be that the author be both the
> voice of his/her character AND that of Dr. Balis.
> That way the author has more control over inflection,
> tone, etc. The author, of course, could accept or
> decline the invitation to record his/her sessions.
> If they accept, you could "flag" a session
> with a clickable icon that links to the RealAudio
> transcript.

> Thoughts?

Ah, but for corporate sponsorship! Or any sponsorship at all, for that matter.

We have considered this--the sessions would be uniquely well-suited to this kind of treatment. We even talked with a local reader's theater group to make it real. Maybe a collaboration with a local radio station or something. But the reality of expenses and time without any money put it off as a future possibility only.

One of the reasons that The Company Therapist has survived for almost two years while other worthy web fiction projects failed (i.e. Eon-IV, East Village, The Spot, etc.) is that The Company Therapist has a sustainable business model--two insane fanatics working without compensation to put up the writings of a number of other insane fanatics who write this stuff for free.

As for the writers having to voice both sides of the dialogue, I don't think I'm in favor of that treatment. It's true that they could best control inflection consistent with their intent, but being a good writer doesn't mean that one is a good actor or voice talent. And besides, we have a number of female writers, who wouldn't be a convincing Dr. Balis, and we have a number of writers who are writing across genders. My wife writes Lloyd Major, for example, and he doesn't have a high five year old girl voice like my wife's.

Also, it would be impossible to assure production standards with people recording stuff all over the world and trying to get it to us, etc. Best is to select a few sessions, get actors to work for free, and we're off and running. We even have four concurrent real audio streams as part of the web site package which Earthlink has donated to The Company Therapist. So we're ready! (Except for the money part).

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